"Engaging Our Future through Philosophic Inquiry"
The journal Contemporary Philosophy publishes quality papers from
academic and professionally trained persons from many fields and
disciplines. Contributions are philosophic, true, interesting, and often are
solutions to contemporary or future-oriented problems. Contemporary
Philosophy also includes philosophical forums, editorials, philosophical
imperatives, and book reviews.

Contemporary Philosophy is currently published 3 times per year. Issues may focus on
specific subjects or be of mixed topics. Editorial policies for submissions are
published in each issue.

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Editorial Policy:

Contemporary Philosophy publishes solicited and unsolicited articles and reviews
submitted in English from anywhere in the world.  

As the publishing vehicle of the philosophical organization Realia, Contemporary
Philosophy encourages original philosophical thinking in all areas of classical
philosophical consideration--speculative, practical, and technical--and will entertain for
publication articles of scholarly philosophical merit which, in any of these areas,
through the use of natural human reason, clearly and concisely identify, clarify, analyze,
and solve major problems of contemporary concern.  

While the Journal is interested in disseminating information about the works of great
philosophers of the past and of cultural contributions made to humankind from all
areas of learning, primarily concern in evaluating an article is that a work submitted
clearly and precisely identify: a problem of contemporary concern; the principles of
natural reason which are being put to use in order to solve this problem; the method
which is being employed to put the principles to use; and the solution to the problem
which is being offered.  

Review of Unsolicited Typescripts All typescripts will be judged not only on the basis of
their general philosophical merit, but also upon the originality and success of the
author in applying naturally derivable principles of reason to identify, clarify, analyze,
and attempt to solve with precision a major problem of contemporary concern. After a
review by one or more of the Editors, selected unsolicited typescripts will undergo
anonymous review by at least three members of the Editorial Board. Should it be so
requested, efforts will be made to provide anonymous comments to the authors of
rejected articles.  

Letters to the Editors Letters may be published that are of philosophical content and
which follow the Editorial Policy of the manuscripts. The letters should be of interest to
readers, challenge the thoughts of others, and promote dialogue. Letters that are used
may be edited and excerpted.  

Members Forum Letters addressed to the Members Forum must include your address
and telephone number. Letters that are used may be edited and excerpted.  

Manuscripts Articles of 2,000-3,000 words are preferred, but articles of exceptional
quality of any length will be considered. Longer articles when accepted should lend
themselves to serialization in 2 to 5 editions. A brief (2-3 sentences) abstract of the
article must be included. All materials, including the abstract, block quotations, and
notes, should be double-spaced. All Notes must be submitted in the form of Endnotes,
should be used sparingly, numbered consecutively, and placed at the end of the

Parenthetical references are encouraged; see Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers,
latest edition, for guidelines. Three hard copies and a copy on IBM Microsoft Word or
compatible software must be submitted. The author's name should not appear on the
manuscripts copies, but definitely on the cover letter.  

Manuscripts will not be returned. When an article has been accepted for publication,
the author will be contacted, so please make sure the package includes your name,
address, and phone number. This helps avoid error in typesetting and minimizes the
cost of producing the Journal. Authors should enclose a S.E.S. postcard if you want
immediate acknowledgment of receipt of their manuscripts.  


MLA or Chicago Manual of Style papers should be submitted via an email .doc or .rtf, or
via disc to:  

University of Maine, Presque Isle
181 Main Street, #444
Presque Isle, ME 04769 USA  

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